5 Reasons Why You Should Add Honey To Your Steak Marinade (Bet You Didn’t Know #5)

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Honey To Your Steak Marinade (Bet You Didn’t Know #5)


#1. Honey Elevates The Taste & Texture Of Meats

    Using a mouthwatering marinade is one of the best methods to alter the flavor of meats. Your taste senses will experience a new level of flavor as you let your meats soak up a rich combination of flavors. A marinade's structure is straightforward. It consists of three components: oil, acid, and seasoning, which can be anything from salts and spices to sweet substances. Yet a good marinade will not only improve the flavor of a dish, it will also improve the texture. This is especially true with proteins like steak. 


    #2. Honey Is An Exciting Tenderizer

    Steaks of all cuts grilled to perfection go hand in hand with marinades. A marinade will tenderize the meat while infusing it with delicious, sweet, and spicy flavors. How flavorful and juicy your meat is after being grilled can vary depending on how long you soak your steaks in these special treatments. But you might want to think about including honey the next time you make one. For meat, honey is a real show-stopper. Beyond merely imparting sweetness, it also has other superpowers. 



    #3. Honey Helps Lock In Juices

    The addition of honey to a marinade might help maintain the succulent steak juices inside the steak, where they belong. This is largely because honey is hygroscopic, or that it draws moisture and retains it for as long as possible. What carnivore wouldn't want that delicious piece of meat that makes their mouth water when using honey in a marinade for steak? 



    #4. Honey Is The Perfect Sweet Addition

    Honey is also the perfect sweet addition to a marinade where there isn't a lot of overly spicy ingredients that have you grabbing for a glass of water. This can be attributed to honey's sticky, super-glue-like qualities, which aid in the adhesion of other spices and flavors to the meat. When this golden syrup is cooked, it also caramelizes, giving your favorite steaks a lovely crust and a slight sweetness. 



    #5. Honey Has Other Advantages

    You can prepare a batch of this liquid, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week or even freeze it for later use because honey serves as a natural preservative.  


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