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2024 Fresh Harvest - Gelam Raw Wild Bee Honey • Apis Dorsata • Monofloral • Unpasteurized • 11.46 oz

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  • Kind: Gelam Honey
  • Type: Raw, Wild, Unpasteurized
  • Source: Monofloral
  • Bee: Giant Bee (Apis Dorsata)
  • Taste: Bitter Sweet

Gelam Wild Bee Honey

Fortune Honey's wild Gelam Honey is monofloral honey produced by giant bees, (Apis dorsata).

The bees build hives on trees locally called Gelam, or Melaleuca cajuputi Powell.

Gelam is in the same family as the Australian tea tree, and it is renowned for its medicinal properties.

Fortune Honey's Gelam Honey is carefully harvested fresh in the shrubby vegetation of the coastal area in the east coast of Malaysia only for a limited time before Apis Dorsata further migrates to another exotic wild area.

Gelam Honey is much sought after for its beautiful unique essence.


About this item

  • TASTE: "Bitter Sweet" Gelam Honey has a bitter sweet taste. The combination of sweetness and bitterness makes the honey flavor special and pleasant. It is an absolute delight to be taken on its own or as an accompaniment in various drinks and food items.
  • Raw. Wild. Authentic. Rare. Pure. Unpasteurized.
  • GELAM HONEY is a rare and precious monofloral honey that is only available in the Malaysian Gelam rainforest. A special melaleuca tree species with powerful  benefits contribute to distinctive organic nectar sources. It is made by the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata.
  • CLEOPATRA’S BEAUTY SECRET Raw honey is a great natural skincare product that even the legendary Egyptian beauty Cleopatra used as part of her skin and hair care treatments to help keep her looking youthful. She loved to use honey on her face due to its purifying properties. Her most famous beauty secret was her ritual of bathing in milk and honey. Make your own by adding 2-3 cups of milk, and ½ cup of Gelam Honey, and 5 tablespoons almond oil to your bath water.
  • COMPARE GELAM Gelam Honey has a high total level of phenolic content and concentration of flavonoids giving it more than the normal nutrition value than even Manuka Honey. Gelam Honey is packed with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These physicochemical properties and abundant nutritional value make Gelam Honey a great choice to eat every day.
  • USE GELAM HONEY INSTEAD OF SUGAR Gelam Honey is more natural and is better than highly refined white sugar. Gelam Honey contains a complex composition of carbohydrates that pack in more nutrients (amino acids, proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins) than white sugar, a simple carb. Gelam Honey is higher in fructose than glucose, so since fructose is sweeter than glucose, you may be able to use a smaller amount of honey in your food or drink without sacrificing sweetness.


Net Weight: 11.46 oz (325 g)


Committed to Replanting Trees With The Social Forestry Programme By The PLANTERS
Harvested with love by: East Honey Herbs Kuala Lumpur KUL, Malaysia