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Hey Y'all

😃 My name is Lynn, and I'm so excited to be the owner and operator of Fortune Honey.

💪 We're a fast-growing e-commerce online business located about an hour south of Atlanta, Georgia.

🤑 You can buy our honey here on this website: www.FortuneHoney.com (best prices), Amazon, Walmart.com, Etsy, E-Bay, and social media sales channels.

🐝 We'll harvest your premium raw wild bee honey FRESH from a pristine rainforest halfway across the world...

📦 ... and send it fast straight to your home or business via USPS Priority Mail.


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Thank You!

🏆 We're very humbled and honored to be the FIRST and ONLY distributor of Tualang Honey, Gelam Honey, and Kelulut Honey in the USA and North America.

⚜️ Welcome to 'The World's Healthiest Honey' family!

❔ Questions? Please let me know how I can help. 

👋 Reach Out! Footer > Quick Links > Contact > Fill out the form.

- Lynn