Make Milk & Honey Ice Cubes For TikTok's Ice Milk Trend

This video is Fortune Honey's take on a trend that features the new Subway Footlong Cookie being dipped in ice milk. 

The ice cubes in this clip are made by mixing deliciously creamy Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze® almond milk and's Tualang Honey together in a tall drinking glass using a handy little battery operated gadget called a "milk frother". 

Whip the milk well so that the honey is incorporated thoroughly, and then pour the 'honey milk' into a honeycomb shaped silicon ice tray and freezing.

When it's good and hard, pop the ice out into a coupe drinking glass and pour more milk over the ice. 

Now it's time to turn on the ring light, open up your TikTok app, and start recording yourself dunking your Subway Footlong Cookie into this upgraded version of ice milk!


Honeycomb Ice Tray

Be sure to include the hashtag #fortunehoneyusa in your post.