Taylor Swift Tualang Honey Bourbon Lemonade

Taylor Swift Tualang Honey Bourbon Lemonade

Taylor Swift Honey Bourbon Cocktail Drink

This Superfood Healthy Bourbon Based Cocktail was mixed up with Taylor Swift's chart-topper, Bad Blood in mind. It's a strong drink with a kick of Exotic honey flavor with the "World's Healthiest Honey" - Fortune Honey's - Tualang Honey. For an interestingly different flavor, use Gelam Honey (bitter sweet), or Kelulut Honey (sweet and sour - think: Sour Patch Kids Candy flavor).

A refreshing porch-sipper, the Fortune Honey Bourbon Lemonade is as easy to mix up as it is to drink. Before adding the fresh mint garnish, roll the mint tightly and twist to release the fragrant aromas.

To capture Taylor Swift's anti-aging energy, be sure to only use Tualang Honey by Fortune Honey because of its health benefits.



How to Mix:

  1. Add honey, bourbon, and lemonade to a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake 5-10 seconds and pour into a highball glass with fresh ice
  3. Garnish with fresh mint


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