National Honey Board recognizes product innovation with Queen’s Choice Awards

National Honey Board recognizes product innovation with Queen’s Choice Awards

The National Honey Board has named its Queen’s Choice Awards for 2022, which recognizes top innovative new foods and beverages made with honey.

Simple Mills’ Honey Cinnamon Seed & Nut Flour Sweet Thins, Mary’s Gone Crackers’ Honey Kookies and RXBAR’s Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter protein bars were among the 10 products named to the list.

“We are honored to be included on the list of innovative award winners from the National Honey Board,” says Carla King, director of marketing for Mary’s Gone Crackers. “Our Mary’s Gone Kookies Graham-style Snacks provide consumers with a delicious, better-for-you snack that satisfies their sweet cravings. Mary’s Gone Kookies is proud to support The National Honey Board in highlighting the value of the honeybee. The honey used in the Graham-style Snacks is from GloryBee, a board member and founder of Save the Bee, whose mission is to protect Earth’s precious pollinators.”

Sweet Thins is also a product designed to promote the health of consumers and the environment.

"Simple Mills is thrilled to be honored by the National Honey Board, especially for a product that was designed to advance our company’s commitment to people and planetary health,” says Simple Mills founder Katlin Smith. “Sweet Thins are the first cookie product to use watermelon seed flour, which introduces greater crop diversity (a key principle of regenerative agriculture) and will hopefully create a market signal for other brands to pursue more diverse ingredients and implement more planet-friendly practices."

The Honey Board looks at the flavors and functionality of honey in the products as well as packaging and the product’s position in the marketplace when evaluating the products.

“We are thrilled to see so many food and beverage brands turn to honey to provide consumers with an all-natural and unprocessed sweetener,” says Catherine Barry, director of marketing for the National Honey Board.

Rounding out the list are Gone Rogue Snacks’ Honey Mustard Turkey Bites, Noosa’s Frozen Yoghurt Honey Vanilla Bean Gelato, Green Giant Restaurant Style Honey Glazed Carrots with Sage Butter, Eat the Change’s Just Ice Tea Honey Green Tea, General Mills’ Honey Cheerios for schools, Heinz 57’s Infused Honey with Hot Chili and Verve Coffee Roasters’ Honey Lavender Oatmilk Latte.


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